"It's like waking up. Disorientated at first, feedback, crushed stones, voices, that's how it starts and you feel protected by this music in a strange way and encouraged to gain insight. As soon as you have begun to really like a chunk of sound and develop an interest in it, it is multiplied or destroyed in some way and someone calls out "Ich". Ich. LSD is hopscotch compared to that. Later, steel rails are dissected. It is ringing in the ears. Everything trembles. It is obvious that you are being looked after, that someone really cares. You are never left alone, whether you like it or not. And then inevitably comes the moment of silence, after being sent through old telephone cables and the nightmares of your ancestors. Pretty much the exact opposite of a podcast. Nevertheless, hits are not left out. Seth is predominantly seen as a harmful god - but by far not only." (label info) comes with download code
in stock | DE| 2024| A-MUSIK | 19.90

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