"'V V i t c h' is fucked up. The vocals are on the minimal side, and what you can hear you wouldn't want to understand. 'Black Skull' the first song sounds like Devo being sprayed out of an industrial tree shredder. Next up 'Lamenting A Maiden' is a funeral march in the most fucked up way. Imagine if Olivier Messian jammed with the Melvins. 'East Coast West Coast' opens up side B and again we're back to the tree shredder. This time Napalm Death are being stuffed through it. Last up the title track 'v v i t c h' spews forth. This is sludge, REAL sludge!. It's thick and unholy. The vocals descend over the track eventually like a black mist as a Corrupted style repetitive riff rolls out to the end." (label info) Limited edition 500 copies, grey vinyl, black & silver metallic ink sleeve. (label info) sell out price
in stock | UK| 2005| RIOT SEASON | 3.90

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