"Repetition: Into the Tohuwabohu, cultural patterns are passed. Saam Schlamminger (aka Chronomad) learned to play numerous instruments, such as frame drums and lutes from various regions of the world. He is an expert in rhythms and tunings and repetitive contemporary electronic dance music - and in styles that are disappearing from the cultural sonic memory. Takes: ...Burnt Friedman - Nonplace owner, producer, sound and drum machinist, is fascinated by rhythm and metre, by straight and odd time signatures. Together, Schlamminger and Friedman create spaces of resonance - "ur-crackling", dissect takes of sonic memory with origins lying in the drums and flutes. Place in actuality: Schlamminger and Friedman play in the traditions of change... In the beginning there were echoes." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2013| NONPLACE | 10.90

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