"In some hirsute + spectacled (as well as oft besotted) circles, the storied ramble of American guitarist Tom Carter requires no introduction. Of late, his Kazuyuki K. Null meets Franco Falsini excursionary instrumentalism has taken on an increased luminosity, due in no small part to some unexpected time spent at a certain house on the borderland. In his own words: "Information-inscribed ribbons unravel from a spool spinning into relaxed entropy. Floating smoke-scrap phrases dissolve before the awakening namer; whispers of causation refute a dozen irreal plot lines, showering text onto re-emergent reality as a deeper narrative retreats to a place hidden from scrutiny. I am awake, and you are here with me. Holding our hands before our eyes we stare skyward, light leaking through our fingers, rays shift and rearrange as we flex our fingers. The beams emanate from within, not without; the light pours out of our eyes, animating all we see, bearing the unbearable heat in us." These memories intertwine with "reality" in a way that's impossible to parse. One night not so long after my return, I attempted to transcribe them in the only sensical way, via degenerating melodic and harmonic arcs, free of the inevitable collapse of language. These recordings are the result. The recordings he speaks of comprise Numinal Entry, the second LP released by HALATERN, etc. (in conjunction with Kyle Eyre Clyd's Pale Dawn Creeps LP). The sounds contained therein offer a glimpse of something slightly outside of living experience, something slowly holy, + something eternal." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2014| HALATERN, ETC. | 18.90

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