Daniel Kientzy, saxophones; Meta Duo; Tom Johnson, narrator. "In 'Kientzy Loops', the accompanying loop is a mix of six alto saxophones played in continuous blowing, while the principal lines are played on alto saxophone, except for the third section, played on baritone. The present multi-track saxophone version is probably as rich and energetic as any of the large ensemble versions. The melody is played by three overdubbed sopranino saxophones in unison, the bass line is played by three baritones, and the drone is played by three altos. In each of the four Infinite Melodies the music follows a logical sequence requiring each subsequent phrase to become longer and longer, reaching out toward infinity. Since the four melodies are independent pieces, it is not necessary that they be played in the written sequence. In this case the interpreter ordered his four interpretations according to their contrast and durations, so that the CD ends with 'Infinite Melody No. 1'. Here the music contains longer and longer silences, finally ending with a silence so long that it seems to dissolve into infinite silence as the CD player stops turning." (label info)
in stock | US| 2004| POGUS | 11.90

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