"Soundtracks To A Color: Gold & Black was an installation at LA Municipal Art Gallery as part of the COLA (City of Los Angeles) Fellowship exhibition from 2004. The installation consisted of 2000 posters: 1000 Gold and 1000 Black. Two separate rooms were covered with these posters that were covered solid in their color with the name of the color printed rather large in dead center. At the bottom of each poster was listed the instrumentation for each particular soundtrack to the color. The GOLD room was flooded in light. The BLACK room had no light other than the ambient light from the gallery. In the center wall that separated each room was a small shelf where stacks of CDs sat. On each side of the shelf were stacks of the Gold and Black posters. 2000 CDs were manufactured. Packaged inside a clear round case with no inserts and no additional information." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| COLA | 14.90

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