back in stock "With a 30 year practice in sonic explorations - including record manipulation, live tape loops, free improvisation, found and invented instruments - Tom Recchion is one of the world's most established and finest experimental artists and musicians. Based in Los Angeles, Recchion has co-founded the legendary music entity LAFMS (Los Angeles Free Music Society) and collaborated with David Toop, Christian Marclay, Oren Ambarchi, Keiji Haino, John Duncan, Smegma (just to name a few). He plays in Extended Organ with Paul McCarthy, Joe Potts, Fredrik Nilsen and Mike Kelley and occasionally writes for the British music magazine The Wire. Sweetly Doing Nothing is Tom's first solo release after the critically-acclaimed I Love My Organ and will further serve to enhance the artist's cult status with an unmistakably unique mixture of underwater exotica-tinged minimalism, futuristic jazz, subtlety constructed dronescapes and a vivid orchestral pop sensibility. All the tracks were composed and realized in the 2005. The CD features instrument inventor Max Eastley on several tracks." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2006| SCHOOLMAP | 13.90

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