"This is shaping up to be a fertile year for guitarist Tomas Korber. His clear melodic strumming and judicious blending of electronics on the sublime recent disc Brackwater-a quartet with improv "superstars" Otomo Yoshihide, Toshimaru Nakamura, and ErikM-was among that album's greatest assets. Now, with a 3" on the way from Jason Talbot's Kissy label, Korber has unleashed his first full-length solo on Mattin's W.M.O. Mass Production won't be much of a surprise to those who have already heard Korber in a group context, though there's none of the un-augmented guitar that he used sporadically on Brackwater. Instead, this disc features some of Korber's most eerily beautiful electronics work."
in stock | ES| 2004| W.M.O/R | 13.90

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