"Tomasz Bednarczyk makes a long-awaited return to 12k after his 2009 debut Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow (12k1055, 2009) and a couple of follow-up releases on Australia's Room40. On Windy Weather Always Makes Me Think Of You Bednarczyk has collected sounds via a smartphone dictaphone and Sony field recorder over the past 10 years with a goal to transform all gathered recordings into new, multilayered harmonies. Field recordings come from voyages around the globe and originally consisted of melodies interwoven by multilayered sounds of the environment. After the gathering and layering of sounds the process was to deconstruct theminto single sounds and samples. This has served as a basis for creating the entire concept of the album; to establish completely new harmonies using solely those short fragments. The album owes its sound to minimalism and musical ambience where the main part is played by microchanges of the structure throughout the compositions. Despiste the fragmented nature of the source material Windy Weather Always Makes Me Think Of You has a structural density that is both powerful and expansive. The delicate sounds of 12k are there, but buried under layers of themselves and evoking the vast power of Bednarczyk's' natural world." (label info)
in stock | US| 2022| 12K | 15.90

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