special offer "The second release on MATT MONDANILE's (REAL ESTATE, DUCKTAILS) just-launched New Images imprint. "JAN ANDERZEN is a Tampere based artist who rearranges images and sounds and makes the music of TOMUTONTTU audible. Read streams, mutilated voices, groovy animal noises and records other people have made are some of the ingredients Anderzen uses to mold his ecstatic music. Someone described it like this: a confusing close-up of music, a microcosmos of strange sound events and dirt flying around in stereo space, interacting with a logic all of their own. Elavana Planeetall is his newest work and his most accessible to date. Plays at 45rpm." (label info)
in stock | US| 2011| NEW IMAGES LTD. | 9.65

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