"Toshimaru Nakamura is one of the most distinguished and original voices in the world of electroacoustic improvisation, with a vast body of work built up over the past decade. The duo of English, Joe Foster and Bonnie Jones, formed in 2004 in Seoul, have developed their aesthetic ever since, whenever possible given their bi-continental status (Foster lives in Seoul and Jones in Baltimore). In the summer of 2007, the trio played together in Tokyo for the first time, one concert followed by one day of studio recordings, and the latter became One Day.Three lengthy improvisations showcase a unique collective aesthetic, dense and organic, pointillistic but rough, focused but not overly polished. The gorgeous textures of the design come from original drawings by Baltimore artist Erin Womack." (label info)
in stock | US| 2008| ERSTWHILE | 14.90

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