"This is in many ways a break with tradition. Normally Toshiya Tsunoda writes detailed descriptions of what he does per piece, but in this case it is just said he reworks an old cassette by Kapotte Muziek, called 4 stukken. This is the second break: up until now musicians involved in this series used live recordings, but Tsunoda is the first to use a studio recording by Kapotte Muziek. Like the cassette there are four parts, corresponding with the original release and they are reworked in the best Tsunoda tradition, involving field recordings and strange and unusual on-site recordings. The sound work of Japanese artist Toshiya Tsunoda represents a radical rethinking of the concept of field recordings. Rather than being documental or naturalistic, his pieces appear as unique music compositions concerned with the relation between space and cognition, rendering the vibration of objects audible, revealing the hidden beauty in each sonic detail. With the meticulously scientific approach of a cataloguist, Tsunoda captures the depth of the landscape, the vital breathing of things." (label info)
in stock | NL| 2004| KORM PLASTICS | 8.90

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