New artist signed to Stewart Walker's Persona label. An Italian import to Berlin, Marco Tonni conceived and recorded his first full-length release Awake in his parent's basement in Rimini, Italy. An important advance in Touane's music, Tonni approached this work with a new-found solitude, referencing the disorienting contrast we perceive as soon as we open our eyes in the morning, when the border between dreams and reality is still so thin that we see our surroundings in a different light. Aiming to approach the act of composition with childlike improvisation, he utilized guitars, basses and synthesizers, mouth noises and subliminal vocals, building up organic texture around every melody. However, this doesn't mean Tonni didn't make fair use of the pop element within his electronic compositions -- experimentation to Tonni means nothing if there's not a thread of familiarity. With atmospheric shifts that move between a full range of emotions, Awake can at first be dreamy, then scary; humorous, but also dramatic. The result is work that is immediate and intuitive, easy yet excitingly complex with random errors, mistakes, and nervous reactions. (label info)
in stock | UK| 2006| PERSONA | 14.80

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