"Released as Troums 5th full-length album in 2003 in the Desolation House-series, "Sigqan" became quickly one of the most requested & praised longplayers of the group, It has 3 long pieces of acoustically created drone-ambience using multiple guitar-layers & loops which develop into an atmosphere of slow declining & sinking. This re-edition comes with new 6-panel digipack artwork feat. UV-high gloss spots, designed by the ever amazing Alan McClelland aka Eye.lyft. Edition of 1000 copies." (label info) "Deep beneath the ocean is a world of mystery, wonder, darkness, and danger. Even if it weren't for the cover art of this German duo's brilliant new album, there is unmistakably no other place in the universe that has influenced the sounds and movement of what is represented within. These drones are not passive in the least. The depth and volume are all encompassing, and moving slowly but steadily like an ancient and lonely large whale through the graveyards of shipwrecks, at the very beginning of the food chain in which all living creatures depend." (Brainwashed)
in stock | DE| 2009| TRANSGREDIENT | 14.90

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