"In this arranged marriage of sorts, Brooklyn's True Primes & Iowa's Black Vatican each turn in a side of kindred primal now wave on this split vinyl only record. True Primes, our beloved Shaggs of noise pop, keep it in the red, turn on the damage and deliver a side of wiggy aggro vocal moans, broken beats & confounding electro grit . It's all so very dystopian & punk but we know Che & Rolyn will get over it. Not so with Black Vatican - the duo of Andy Roche & Owen Gardner -who make their locust debut here after a sweet cassette. Over their six cuts, they take a few cues from classic Suicide & Pere Ubu sides, make utopia, mercy & perversion a playground for Roche's crooning vocalese, and ride the austere white light of metronomic beats, minimal electronic sunshine melodies & arrested guitar strangulations, triangulations & thwacks. A steal at nearly 60 minutes of music." (label info) Back in stock.
in stock | US| 2008| LOCUST | 9.90

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