Nikolai Brix Vartenberg- tenor sax, flutes, recorders, Jon Draby Nielsen- ney, flutes, recorders, percussion, chant, Magnus Olsen Majmon- drums, daf, percussion. Recorded in 2010 @ MoM Studios and Blavandshuk Fyrtarn, Denmark. "Jon organized the Qbico U-nite IV in Aarhus, Denmark back in 2006... When I met him, I immediately sensed being in presence of a sensational xhol/a very young nature boy with his own voice... So we made the first Truelove LP on Qbico... This is the new Trulofa Trio with Magnus (Elektronavn/Pink Luminous Invocation) and Nikolai (Shiggajon/Elektronavn) and is probably my favourite group around these days (not too many unfortunately)... That's why I invited them to the first Sagittarius A-Star night @ ISSUE in NYC, next April 22... Can't wait to catch them live! If you dig esoteric free folk jazz with ritual drumming, this is for you. Such a natural and ritualistic sound/vibe... Can't ask for a better cover artwork (which was choosen among the limited edition ones made by the musicians themselves)! Yes, with grey hair I start to appreciate more simple things... And apart from being effective, it perfectly mirrors the music: for the dancing/flying shaman..." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2011| m-/vg++| SAGITTARIUS A-STAR | 15.00

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