"It's not just that Tu M' (...) use sound sources out of the ordinary - plenty of others incorporate acoustic guitar, saxophone, toy keyboards and flute into their music - it's the way that they edit these sources together in a fashion which combines the precisely surgical and the winningly quixotic. It's all about cunningly presented detail: the evanescent melodica flitting from channel to channel in "Strange Sleep"; the rattling rimshots lurking in the depths as "Blue Blur" sways through cubist jazz bar scapes; the tiny, throaty female gasp that punctuates the off-kilter whirl of "An Afternoon In The Country". "The First Rays Of The Sun" is a pristine example of the painterly mastery of Tu M' - an elliptical, wistful, immmaculate collection of sonic fragments held in beautiful, unresolved suspension." (The Wire)
in stock | DE| 2005| DEKORDER | 14.80

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