For Tomlab, the singer Tujiko Noriko has recorded her first pop album with support from quite a couple of reknowned musicians worldwide. More gentle, much more structured and less digitally sliced or glitchy at the same time, and thus more accessible than her previous releases, "From Toyko to Naiagara" captures you from the very first moment. "From Toyko to Naiagara" was produced by Aki Onda, a hyperactive and hypertalented musical wunderkind, someone that could be called the Jim O'Rourke from Japan. He introduced elements that were not present in Tujiko Norikos previous releases: more quiet athmospheres and acoustic sounds ("Zipper", "Robot Hero"), more beats, sometimes almost hip hop oriented structures ("Narita Made", "Toyko Tower"). feat. SammBennett, Riow Arai
in stock | DE| 2003| TOMLAB | 12.80

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