"Guillaume Graux first came to our attention with his visuals when we asked him to contribute these on our festival in 2001. Later on we discovered he was also making music. At the start, he was clearly influenced by Mego/Sahko/Touch but within a couple of months this influence became less obvious throughout the introduction of guitars which makes his music a kind of haunting trip somewhere between Pita and Fahey. His first cd 'Proud Princess of a Brand New City' contains mostly finished versions of the tracks he used the first three years at his live performances. The main sources on the cd are guitars, most of them so heavily treated that you barely hear it's a guitar. Even if it's only a beat, it might be guitar. Besides this, Tuk grabs music from the air, bad tv series, his parents piano he used to play as a child,... Most of the times Tuk starts making his music by modifing an existing song, like a cheap instumental of Diamonds are Forever, or a real guitar song made by his own till nothing is left of the original. Then Graux works on rebuilding the track and defining a new nature of the song. The music of Tuk is full of intensity. When you hear the record for the first time these tracks still hold the memory of a pure pop track. A feeling similar to what you get when you're listening to Fennesz or Philip Jeck: one of melancholy and utterly beauty." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2004| K-RAA-K | 13.90

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