"Guillaume Graux first came to our attention with his visuals when we asked him to contribute these on our festival in 2001. Later on we discovered he was also making music. At the start, he was clearly influenced by Mego/Sahko/Touch but within a couple of months this in.uence became less obvious throughout the introduction of guitars which makes his music a kind of haunting trip somewhere between Pita and Fahey. Somehow threatening but softly gliding into a realm of beauty and comfort. A treasure island for sound research where the real listeners are the real winners. On his second full length, the compositions sound heavier and less dreamy. The reason for this is the way this album was recorded. Songs were created and evolved mainly on stage instead of in Tuk's home studio. Playing regularly live added new elements to the music and giving it new angles in the meantime. De basic structure of most of the songs is based on seventies classic rocks songs, after which they were heavily manipulated by Tuk. Bonne appétit." (label info)
in stock | BEL| 2007| K-RAA-K | 13.90

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