"'Burned Bridges And Lost Loves' is the second part of a project in which friends, colleagues and lovers were asked to remix the works of Chicago improvisation-trio TV Pow. Like its predecessor 'Power Friends and Devoted Lovers', a double-album that contains 29 remixes, the second and final installment also offers remixes of tracks that are mostly taken from TV Pow's album 'Friendship Patrol'. Adding another 31 remixes, the total amount of remixes is now equal to the amount of tracks that feature on 'Friendship Patrol'. On the original score TV Pow managed to create a evolving soundscape of unidentifiable field recordings, minimal electronics and serene ambient drones. It's no surprise that 'Friendship Patrol' happened to be a grateful source for further exploration. 'Burned Bridges and Lost Loves', the second double-album of remixes, includes contributions from Tarentel, Tim Hecker, Sachiko M, Illusion of Safety, Wolf Eyes, Alva Noto, Stephan Mathieu, David Grubbs, Ben Vida Zbigniew Karkowski, Alva Noto and Francisco Lopez, amongst many others. These contributors could be classified as a representative sample of currently influential artists in experimental and electronic music. 'Burned Bridges and Lost Loves' comes with artwork by Meeuw, yet another remix of the original artwork of 'Friendship Patrol'." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2005| BOTTROP-BOY | 16.90

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