"In the beginning of what exactly was this beginning that has remained one of the mysteries ever since? In this beginning the year might or might not be 2011 and the whole practice could still be in-process now (though we firmly reject the meaning of the meaning as an open forma s we consider it more a time-binding). It is doubtful if this sonic process would have ever evolved beyond the animal stage suspended as it is in a fragile balance between sounding familiar to the nervous system and unfamiliar and alien. This process is wholly dependant upon the integrity of the system and its necessary environment. an extermination program created by working multiple channels, reducing mixes, removing sections, adding segments, layering inversions under continual growths and constant changes, until we can no longer recognize the original source or process itself. A very limited unit of sound and image biologically activated to act as communicable dizziness existing in the past present and future when listening to it. Let's turn it on. LP record and silkscreened sleeve are the access, your playback new "reality". Edition of 200 copies which will turn your eyes and ears inside out, upward, backwards and in all directions." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2013| PLANAM | 22.90

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