"both DT and JC have been sending eachother garbage and leftovers since a few years, sometimes almost nothing, probably out of pity, often to make eachother smile or as an act of friendship. Sharing the last spoon of cold soup on a cold winter night, when the heater does not want to be touched. these 36 pages are filth, with found imagery or buggles that the cleaning lady forgot to sniff out, images that have been dominating our seperate rooms for years and that remain unnoticed because of the daily confrontation, time to clean up. the insides are green, riso melted on toxic yellow paper, the side is glued, so nothing can escape, and the cover is soft and blue, just like both of the "authors"... limited to 100 copies" (label info)
in stock | BE| 2013| ULTRA ECZEMA | 17.90

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