"Walls of Sounds is a music of sonic sensations. It is a physical and sensual approach to the phenomenon of thick sound worlds. Sound waves become physical objects, four-dimensional sonic sculptures to be experienced, bodily and mentally. Walls of Sounds is a series of CDs about music that invites the listener to indulge themselves in sound. It doesn't guide an audience through a narrative-like a song-, but offers the listener slow changing and developing soundscapes, acoustic sculptures, to immerse themselves in. How listeners moves in and through these sounds is up to them: meditative drifting along, focusing on certain small details of sounds, letting themselves be taken away by emerging psycho-acoustic phenomena or going back and forth between listening attitudes." (label info) CD1 Drones: 01 James Tenney - Saxony 1978; 02 John Cage - Four5 1991; 03 Alvin Lucier - In Memoriam Jon Higgins 1989; 04 Phill Niblock - Didjeridoos and Don'ts 1992; CD2 Patterns: 05 Philip Glass - Music in Fifths 1968;06 Steve Reich - Pendulum Music 1969; 07 Terry Riley - Dorian Reed 1964; 08 Philip Glass - 1+1 1968; 09 STEVE REICH Reed Phase 1967;CD3 Noises: 10 Lee Ranaldo - Elegy for WTC 2001; 11 Boris Hegenbart - u-getriebe 1998; 12 Zbigniew Karkowski - Execution of Intelligence 2003; 13 Ulrich Krieger - Give me some feedback 1991/2015; 14 John Duncan - Channel Zone 2001
soon in stock - please pre-order | BE| 2020| SUB ROSA | 19.90

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