"Collected Spaces (FIRST LISTEN) is a collaboration between Ultra-red (Elliot Perkins and Chris Jones), Art Angel, Tin Roof. Made in Dundee, Scotland. August 2010 to August 2011. Protocol For A Sound Walk: Ultra-red Sound Investigations Dundee 28/08/10. Setting: 1p.m. Art Angel large studio space. Flip chart papers from previous workshops are fixed to the walls for reference. A cluster of tables is placed in the centre of the room surrounded by chairs. All participants assemble around the table in the large Art Angel studio space. The facilitator greets all of the participants and introduces new participants to others at the table and makes sure that everybody is comfortable. 1:15 p.m. The facilitator begins the process with an explanation of the process so far: During the previous Saturday's workshop, working in response to a set of 4 themes that had arisen from all the group investigations, participants were tasked to form groups to make short collective recordings in Dundee in response to their chosen theme. Some of these recordings had been listened to at the close of that session. Participants were then asked to spend some time in the week to think about choosing one place from all the sites they had visited during the making of the recordings. The facilitator outlines the activities of the final session. Participants are asked to say which location they have chosen and why. When each site has been discussed by all, the group will be asked if they are happy for the chosen sites to make up the locations for 4 collective performances of 4' 33". A route between each of the four sites will be discussed and agreed. Performing 4',33" at the four sites 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. All participants will visit the chosen sites as a large group, en masse, based on the agreed route. At each site, the group will assemble and perform a version of 4' 33". At each performance, a recording of the 4' 33" will be made. Questions and comments about today's process 3:00 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. Participants will reassemble at Art Angel and feedback and discuss the 4 collective performances of 4' 33". What further questions and themes have presented themselves during the day's activities. How might this culimating act of listening together at places that have become significant to the process so far be built upon? Which themes have become stronger and more resonant over the month? Which other activities might be enacted to aid further investigation? Planning further work in Dundee 3:45 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Participants and Ultra-red will discuss how to follow the work up. This will mean arranging both how participants take forward the investigation in the time that Ultra-red are not present but also addressing when Ultra-red will return. Close 4:00 p.m." (label info)
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