"Crafted from guitar, piano, electronics and homemade beats, each track is set within a frame of flourishing musical activity. Ultre's second album is an elegant, bold & extravagant example of modern composition. Ultre is Finn McNicholas, a touring musician who has been in demand ever since his first album "All The Darkness Has Gone To Details" (shortlisted for the Arts Foundation 'electro-acoustic composition'), sold out within three weeks. Ultre has performed live with Tim Exile, DJ Scotch Egg and Trencher and recently been commissioned to write a musical score for Opera North. Whilst Ultre's first album was built on a piano foundation, this one see's Finn return to the guitar. The energy of the performance combined with his string, piano and electronic work conjures up a picture of busy modernism with contrasting nostalgic undertones. There is an absence of Digital Signal Processing & effects within the music, with most of the sounds created live in the recording (often using a homemade microphone)." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2009| AUDIOBULB | 10.90

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