repressed "Umeko Ando (1932-2004) was a folk singer from Japan. She is a representative of the Ainu culture on the Hokkaido Island in the north of Japan. Iuta Upopo was released on her last CD "Upopo Sanke" in 2003, produced by Oki Kano (Chikar Studio, Oki Dub Ainu Band). "Upopo" is the name of a particular singing style which involves repetition, while "Iuta" simply means song. Umeko Ando performs this minimalistic vocal in a brittle, emotional manner which is framed by a slow, percussive pulse and Oki's Tonkori patterns (the Tonkori is a string instrument of the Ainu). When Pingipung's Andi Otto toured Japan in 2017, he came across this enchanting, folkloristic and danceable song in a DJ set of a friend. He made contact with Oki Kano who agreed to license the track from his own label Chikar Studio. It is pressed on vinyl for the first time. We are very pleased to have a M.Rux Remix on the B side. He is not only a brilliant original producer, as his EP "In the Hold" (YNFND 2016) has proved; his claim to fame is a sublime collection of edits & cuts (for free on his bandcamp) which skillfully takes classics by Nina Simone, Townes Van Zandt and others to the slowhouse dancefloor. His remix adds a gliding subbass, a kickdrum and occasional claps to the enhanced percussive structures of the original. Umeko Ando's vocals adapt seamlessly to M.Rux's powerful electronic production." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2023| PINGIPUNG | 10.50

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