"Ural Umbo was formed in 2008 by Reto Mäder (Bern/Switzerland) and Steven Hess (Chicago/USA). Following their mystical, dark and haunting debut album on Utech Records, Ural Umbo return with their follow-up release, an even more dense, forward-thinking, nebulous post doom record. Ural Umbo cannot conceal their love for the modern forms of Doom and Black Metal. Still, they are far away from just adding another part to the Experimental Metal or Drone Doom catalogue. They rather focus on film score-ish compositions, bizzare atmospheres and haunting melodies coming from somewhere beyond, plus they use a broad spectrum of instruments instead of limiting themselves to downtuned metal guitars or sluggish drums. As the name Fog Tapes implies, the basic tracks were recorded directely to analog tapes. In a second step they enriched the raw material with layers of filigree percussion from bowed cymbals, wind chimes, glockenspiel and the like. This resulted in an organic and hypnotic mixture of lurking electro-acoustics, atmospheric black metal approaches, epic drones, slowly evolving melodies, doom mantras and an overall psychedelic atmosphere." (label info)
in stock | CH| 2010| HINTERZIMMER | 17.90

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