"This is some amazing shit right hyah, folks. Imagine something like, say, a concert band playing outtakes from Magma's "Theusz Hamtaahk" trilogy. You'd possibly arrive at this." (...) "Everything starts with this massive (and I mean it...we're basically talking about something the size of an orchestra here) wash of sound, like something dropped wholesale out of the trippier parts of Ligeti's material in the "2001" soundtrack. Then we get swept into the primal repetition of a simple motif...very Magma-like, save for the obvious difference in forces. As the proceedings go on, it gets more complex; another wash, and then into another primal minimalist cycling with strange, otherworldly drones and choral voices in the background, chuffing percussion...and then a drift off into Ligeti-land again, with chanting vocals following, and huge gusts of wind from the sax players breathing thru their horns as some sort of Saturnian Sun Ra lullabye starts to course through the group. And that's just the first half. This is some potent stuff. It's very much 'ritual music', as one would expect with it being composed for Urban Sax's ritualistic performances. And it's quite trippy, especially for something largely acoustic (although there are four presumably electric guitars in the forces) with little electronic tinkerage to enhance the strangeness." (...) "There are some other recordings in Urban Sax's catalog, but this is perhaps the most amazing, most trippy of them all." Extracts from a review by Lugia from Julian Cope's Head Heritage website. The Wah Wah reissue reproduces the original sleeve artwork, comes in remastered sound and lacquer cut for the best quality sound for improved performance and features a booklet with photos and liner notes written by Gilbert Artman himself.
in stock | ES| 2016| WAH WAH RECORDS | 21.90

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