"The long-awaited new album by Urichipangoon which means "the land of the Urichipan people". This also being their second album, in five years, "GIANT CLUB" is an intriguing masterpiece that comes to show how they have grown since their first album through many live performances from the original two piece band into an eclectic foursome. Paving a new way and aesthetic in search of a new breed of pop music with uncompromising stubbornness, they continue to push the boundaries of pop music mediated in Japanese lyric, crossing over different times and eras. They have managed to weave a colorful tapestry as if offering us a sneak peak on the world through their unique looking glass. Well this is how they do it. It is because they withhold technique that is carefully precise yet creative to the limit, and the singing, chorus and melody that touch the soul. Their synthesizer arrangements stimulate instant sparks and the rhythm comes on hard and sensitive that moves you in a legendary jazz drummer sort of way. What one finds through their music is a nostalgic place, tucked away in the deepest corners of the world still waiting to be discovered. So we invite you to join us where the undiscovered giants have found their new expression. Come, to the land of mystery: to the land of Urichipangoon!" (label info)
in stock | JP| 2008| AKICHI RECORDS | 17.90

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