"At the beginning there is noise. This is everything we already know about Urlaub In Polen inside a minute: the exploration of soundscapes, machines that whir, growl and - most typical of Urlaub In Polen - virtually begin to breath, to develop lives of their own. A condensed transition from old to new, from things familiar to a musical land that has never been heard before, either from Urlaub In Polen or from anyone at all. The completely insane duo from Cologne, who are known for playfully switching between deconstructed Post and Noise rock, wild punch-lines, rough reverb-grinding and an almost technoid understanding of song structure? Yes! Because the revelation of opportunities continues, discovering and learning about everything that is possible in the context of the very special dynamic that is a band of two people. Urlaub In Polen, probably the most single-minded band in Germany at present, have discovered a controlled playfulness, experimenting with mismatched pieces and dynamics, tampering with melodies, sounds, rhythms, structures, instruments and noise generators, without ever losing sight of their main aim - to produce a unified piece of work: that's the story behind their third album, "Health and Welfare"." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2006| m-/m-| TOMLAB | 8.00

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