"URSULA BOGNER'S biography appears short and conventional: Born (*1946) and raised in Dortmund, she moved to Berlin at 19 to study pharmacy. Degree in hand, she immediately went to work for pharmaceutical giant Schering , followed by marriage, children and a successful yet by no means sensational scientific career within the multinational heavyweight. At the same time, she developed a keen interest in electronic music. Throughout her early twenties, she followed the activities of Cologne-based "Studio für elektronische Musik", attended seminars by Studio founder Herbert Eimert, exhibited great enthusiasm for Musique Concrète and, later on, shared her children's enthusiasm for British New Wave Pop. Nevertheless, URSULA BOGNER never involved herself in any scene, never made her music public." (label info) repressing, in Hard-Cover Bookstyle Packaging, incl. 8 page booklet
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