special offer "a few years ago, Nicolas went to Mexico, he was trying to find some land, so as to build himself a house for him and his new wife. he spent time with Indians who introduced him to peyotle then crossed the country riding a horse carrying a riot gun after flying back to Belgium, he stayed for more than 6 months working for a group of nuns in a monastery, still haunted by the hands he believed to be coming from the sky the money situation was getting worse so he decided, with an accomplice from Poland, to hold up a bank its been said he bought a shotgun, sawed the end off it so it fitted into a violin case and set of for the bank on the way, he met a good friend in the street, he consented to the offer of a coffee; he told his friend his plan who suggested, maybe it would be better to make some music then..." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2001| FIRSTCASK | 9.90

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