V.A. - 10YR.SERIES (10CD-R)

Special offer - A series of CDR releases commemorating the 10 year anniversary of Carbon Records (1994-2004). 10 releases, one released every 36.5 days in 2004. each release comes in with full-color folded cover, protected by a vinyl sleeve. a homemade wooden (with metal-stamped cover) box holds all 10 releases, as well as a bonus DVD-R the "making of". An incredible release with CDRs by Joe Tunis + N, Blood Stereo (Dylan Nyoukis & Karen Constance), Tom Carter (Charalambides) & Shawn McMillen, Crawlspace, Dead Machines (John Olson of Wolf Eyes & Tovah O'Rourke of Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice), Ming (aka Campbell Kneale of Birchville Cat Motel), Andy Gilmore, Howard Stelzer and the Cherry Point, Mike Shiflet and Coffee. "As well as setting an exemplary standard for would-be basement infidels, 10 Yr. Series provides a capsule overview of some of the most intriguing marriages of avant theory and punk-primitive modes currently orbiting the mainstream. File this one alongside Revenant's Albert Ayler box for a combined lesson in the best way to prime a counter-cultural time-bomb." (The Wire)
in stock | US| 2005| CARBON | 39.90

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