"This is some of the best traditional African music ever recorded. The music is the star, then come the wonderful musicians who performed it, but it was the recordists who make it possible for us to listen to the genius in African music captured on these magnificent tracks. After having released the 22-cd series 'Historical Recordings by Hugh Tracey', it is time to pay homage to some who came after him. Thanks to Charles Duvelle, Jos Gansemans, Benoit Quersin, David Fanshawe, for these great recordings. Over 73 minutes of bliss. Each track is a gem. There is nothing coincidental in this music: it is based on a deep understanding of interconnectivity - consequently also of time and space - and has been developed over many centuries. Yet it sounds so modern! Each track has its own swing, and this danceable quality is a profound thing - it is participatory, revitalising, communal, relaxing, healing." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | NL| 2014| SWP RECORDS | 21.90

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