"This double-cd, Anthology of Dutch Electronic Music 1999-2010, displays the diversity of the more recent Dutch electronic music: sharpening, statics, dramatic, loud, subtle, detailed... 26 tracks represent different to approach tape music, concert music for accoustical instruments en electronics, live-electronics, sound installations and environmentals, electronic music theatre, composition and improvisation. 6 tracks in total; The CD features recordings by Thomas Ankersmit, Justin Bennett, Jan-Bas Bollen, Bosch & Simons, Marko Ciciliani, Cathy van Eck, Huib Emmer, Huba de Graaff, Edwin van der Heide, Robert van Heumen, Rozalie Hirs, Luc Houtkamp, Alison Isadora, Bas Kalle, Yannis Kyriakides, Anne La Berge, Roderik de Man, Juan Parra Cancino, Gert-Jan Prins, Joel Ryan, Wouter Snoei, Kees Tazelaar, Hans Timmermans, René Uijlenhoet, Henry Vega and Michel Waisvisz. An essay and annotations by Jacqueline Oskamp compliment the music for this release." (label info)
in stock | NL| 2011| BASTA | 18.90

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