"Including a book (100 pages) & CD with unreleased material by Etant Donnés, Stilluppsteypa, D. v. Euler-Donnersperg, Jürgen Eckloff, Hermann Bohlen, Column One, Mimetic, Stea Andreasson, Dave Phillips, Jürgen Ploog, Frieder Butzmann, ZSG etc.. (compiled by R.Schalinski of Column One). CD: a claustrophobic travel from Etant Donnés motornoise, Stilluppsteypa's drones, Dave Phillips fieldrecordings ...through the paranoid cut-up's of Stea Andreasson (MOWE) & Jürgen Ploog... (all unreleased material) visual: huge amount of art-collages, photographs and documents from the 80ths. the re-release of the magazine 'Warten I', full colour & b/w, incl. Brion Gysin, W.S.Burroughs, J.Ploog, H.R.Giger, Survival Research Laboratories, Dead Chickens, Kathy Acker etc. etc." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2004| 90% WASSER | 16.90

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