"Au-dela is a collaborative record by La Scie Doree and Meakusma. It features eight pieces of music by La Scie Doree affiliates. For the 2018 Meakusma Festival, La Scie Doree and Meakusma set up a collaboration that brought performances by Timo Van Luijk, Steven Stapleton, Christoph Heemann, Daniel Denis, Bart De Paepe and Kris Vanderstraeten to the festival in Eupen, Belgium. This was followed up with a night organized in the province of Limburg in Belgium featuring performances by Frederik Croene and Timo Van Luijk, Tom James Scott, Ecka Mordecai and Andrew Chalk." (label info) 1 Af Ursin - Voyance 2 Michael Ranta - Save Alchi (Excerpt) 3 Circaea - Anemones 4 Raymond Dijkstra - L'enveloppement Cotonneux Du Bruit 5 Christoph Heemann - Die Zuge 6 Nurse With Wound & James Worse - The Creptile Lickbug 7 Bart De Paepe - De Vaag 8 Jac Berrocal & Vincent Epplay - Svavius
in stock | BE| 2019| MEAKUSMA | 19.40

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