"Gruenrekorder Thankfully like in all good stories, the good prevails. The field recordings sound a little clichéd but etzin's "Voegel- Verteidgung der Nester" is a wonderful piece, four minutes inside of a murder of crows is exactly what does it for me as regards field recordings. On the other hand, the album's opener "Zwergohreulen in der Vikos-Schlucht" by Costa Groehn documenting insect life in Greece is a bit tedious. Groehn wins me back with "Baustelle" later on: a far more interesting recording of percussive rhythms from what sounds like a canteen or a factory. In more traditional music areas on AudioArt Compilation 02, Ohrginal are the highlight. Their "Kombinationen 04" is the least experimental thing on the album: it is straightforward and simple with a drummer playing a lazy beat in front of mainly synth-produced rhythms and melodies. It is one of those musical nuggets that is worth keeping a compilation for. What is not worth keeping a compilation for is the work of Dirk HuelsTrunk and three tracks are given up to this man. "Forward" and "Fall Out" are two of the most boring things I've heard in a long time, both consist of chopped up vocals, whereas "Nie" is just annoying. All of his work on AudioArt Compilation 02 sounds pretentious and amateurish. I've no problem with being pretentious once you have the material to back it up. HuelsTrunk does not have said material. Apart from these tracks mentioned the rest of the CD is a mixture of noise and electronic music that vary in quality from pieces that provide good ambience in your chosen listening space to some pretty decent recordings." Brainwashed / John Kealy|
in stock | DE| 2005| GRUENREKORDER | 14.90

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