"Right from the start, early 2005, Audiotoop is a live event with radioplays, closely-linked artforms and a cd/book. This book (17x19 cm) has 28 pages, printed in full color by Knust, of texts and collages by the various artists. The CD has eleven tracks by Jana & Bertin, Jan Schellink, The Bohman Brothers, Freek Lomme & Remco van Bladel, Quinten Dierick, Jorg Piringer & Elffriede, Jeroen Kuster, Lem & Lemoineau, Marten de Wind & Tamar Frank and Vernon & Burns. Texts in English, German and Dutch and sometimes even no text." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2005| KORM PLASTICS | 14.90

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