Second volume in the BiP_HOp series of International compilations which will definitely establish the series. 20 exclusive songs into more than 70 minutes of music wrapped in a 6 page Digipack including a booklet with infos on each musician : BERNARD FLEISCHMANN (Austria, Morr Music, Charhizma.) / AROVANE (Germany, Din, Morr, City Centre Offices, Vertical Form) / WARMDESK (USA, Fällt, Static Caravan, split w/ Pimmon on A Posterori) / KÖHN (Belgium, K-r-a-a-k3) / WANG INC. (Italy, Sonig) and LAURENT PERNICE (France, PDCD, Moloko+, Organic).
in stock | FR| 2001| BIP-HOP | 2.90

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