"Blueprint: a plan, a model, a template. Over the past 10 years 12k has established itself as a label on the forefront of minimalist music and has become home to some of the most important artists of the genre. It is label that time and time again has not been afraid to release debut albums from new artists, drawing on the new energy they interject into both the scene and the label. With the release of Blueprints, 12k presents 2 tracks each from 6 artists new to its roster and showcases some of the new sounds and influences that will carry the label into its 10th year (2007). The artists on Blueprints span the globe and offer a variety of sound that both compliments and expands on the style that 12k has become known for." Feat. Christmas Decorations (Kranky), Seaworthy (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, Kranky), Autistici (Audiobulb), Jodi Cave, Pjusk and Leo Abrahams (Bip_Hop).
in stock | US| 2006| 12K | 13.90

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