"Clicks & Cuts is a product of new media. Often misunderstood as a genre, Clicks & Cuts documents the sounddesign of the digital. The click, a short signal, that could not cause any associations or even emotions, avoids any form of contextual reference pre-formulating the connections. Clicks, glitches, pulses have as a montage a repeatedly drafted effect, only the reporting on manifold signal chains represents a disturbance here. Everything is aimed at relations and connections, a delayed presence updating itself with the following signal in order to be already moved forward to the next. Clicks & Cuts does not build narrative constellations like in songs, does not tell stories, but do, however, open up an emergence to music, accelerating the flow of the musical material. Clicks and their rhythms are the surface for micro samples, timbres and sounds. A flowing music in which the compositions and their hierarchical levels are substituted by speed modifications of the sound material. Everything is held together in a provisional montage, tones and sounds come and go, whilst the click continues.The mediatory factor of Clicks & Cuts consist of their permanent ability to connect, their potential can only unfold in the context of an event, a consistent coupling of them with musical forms, for which then terms like clickhouse, clicktechno, microhouse or glitchfunk emerge. Clicks & Cuts 4 is a document for openness and variations of electronic music." Artists: Frank Elting, Micronost, Starchboy, Eight Frozen Modules, Ran Slavin, Ido Gouvrin, Electric Birds, Tilman Ehrhorn, Jay Haze, Twerk, Thomas Brinkmann, TBA, @C, Ultra-Red, Bizz Circuits, Hakan Libdo.
in stock | DE| 2004| MILLE PLATEAUX MEDIA | 9.90

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