Six Classic Concretem Electroacoustic and electronic works, 1970-1990 by: John Oswald, George Katzer, Lutz Glandien, Jaroslav Krcek, Steve Moore, Richard Trythall. "Musique Concrete is created by recording various sounds on tape and modifying them in some way. The term was created by Pierre Schaeffer, an early pioneer of this style, to differentiate it from 'normally' composed music, Musique Abstraite. Concentrating on found sounds or natural occurrences, the results of such alterations and manipulations cause the original recordings to express themselves in new and unique ways. This CD collects some of the very best pieces ever constructed; Each piece is a classic, influential, indispensable work, including: John Oswald - 'Parade' (1986) : uses a cube factor increase in tape speed to plunderize several existing versions of Satie's classic, and then fragments and alters the result accordingly."
in stock | AUS| 2004| RER MEGACORP | 18.50

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