Feat. Jörg-Maria Zeger, Minamo and I-Sound with Daniel Raffel. "'colour and pattern' consists of four lengthy parts, each emphasizing subtle variation of melodic form. An organic blend of experimental electronics with instrumentation (guitar, synth, computer etc) that evokes everything from classical minimalism to more serene folk stylings. Minamo, an electroacoustic quartet from Tokyo featuring several key players in the contemporary Japanese improvised music scene (Tetsuro Yasunaga, Keiichi Sugimoto, Namiko Sasamoto) begin the cd with a gently flowing and intricately detailed 16 min. piece. Notes hover as if caught in motion while more abstract electronic textures move in and out of focus to create an overall presence which defies any preconceived formula. NYC dj/producer/improvisor I-Sound and NYC multi-instrumentalist Daniel Raffel contribute a first time collaborative piece. Combining his more laid back song oriented efforts with To Rocco Rot and his exploratory experimental works, I-Sound creates a beautiful hybrid of swelling insect electronics underpinned by Raffel's hypnotic synth lines. Berlin's Jörg-Maria Zeger contributes a pair of minimal polyrthymic guitar pieces heavily influenced by his collaborations with the native musicians of tribes in Sumatra and other Southeast Asian cultures as well as his years of experience with the electroacoustic improv trio Perlonex. Both pieces shuttle and shift effortlessly sliding between genres, referencing everything from minimal techno to balinese gamelan."
in stock | US| 2002| APESTAARTJE | 13.90

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