special offer "...in Berlin a place and a time was announced in a flyer and carried on telling. It was a week-end in late summer 2000, closing time 4 PM. People were asked to carry their own radios to a certain place in the inner city. At this location stood a huge black Mercedes-car with a self-made radio-transmitter and mini- music-studio that was built in. Every hour different artist went into the car and transmitted live-sound and music. Here you found out the frequency. The brought along radios built together a mobile stereo-surround-sound-speaker- system in the public space and a social sculpture... Contributions: ZIGARETTEN RAUCHEN, CHICKS ON SPEED, SYLVESTERBOY, MEINEBANK, EGILL, SAEBJOERNSSON." (labelinfo)
in stock | DE| 2001| TETE-A-TETE | 2.90

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