w/ philip samartzis, roland etzin, stefan funck, asmus tietchens, suspicion breeds confidence, gregory büttner, hans schüttler, martin moritz, christoph korn, lasse-marc riek, costa gröhn: "Der Michel und der DOM" is a sound art project that connects the city of Hamburg's church St. Michaelis ("Michel") and the funfair "Hamburger DOM" by merging the sound environment of each site. A variety of field recordings were initially collected by Costa Gröhn at both locations in spring 2003 and 2004. Ten sound artists were then each provided with a different selection of the recordings. The artists were asked to rework and remix the material into a sound-composition with a maximum length of seven minutes comprised exclusively of the original field recordings. Furthermore the compositions had to integrate the recordings of the "Michel" and of the "DOM" in order to interrogate and fuse the cultural and social dimensions of each site. The CD therefore reflects the tension between plain documentation and the creative work of the artists in which the original sound material provides the basis for a new and varied set of responses. The CD contains ten remixes followed by a selection of the original field recordings. (lablionfo)
in stock | DE| 2005| GRUENREKORDER | 14.80

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