"Ego Twister Party Ruiners vol.2 a is fabulous international dump box of (essentially) electronic in wich you will hear break almost core, amateur rock, a nostalgic lullaby, Japanese rap, a story about a lustful rabbit, easy listening for free parties, some nerd crunk, synthetic medieval chorus, pinball music, funky disco ghosts, Romanian ocarina, cyber surf music, 8, 16 and 32 bits, et a few mixing mistakes. A record impossible to circumvent, a stake in the history of 21st century underground music, a step toward music of the future. Or not." (label info) Feat. Okapi, Bakalao, Retrigger, Taxi Nouveau, Yvan & Lendl, Edmond Leprince, guyom and many more. 23 tracks, total playing time 80 minutes.
in stock | FR| 2008| EGO TWISTER | 9.90

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