V.A. - ETC. (CD - USED m-/m-)

"Music by Jonty Harrison, Horacio Vaggione, and Trevor Wishart. And all of the compositions are related. Wishart's 'Imago' and Vaggione's 'Harrison Variations' are in fact variations on the sound material upon which Harrison's ...et ainsi de suite... (in English '...and so on...' or 'etc') is based. Harrison's work, including the title, could be seen as a salute to the Groupe de Recherches Musicales in Paris and the tradition of musique concrète that it represents. Harrison is on the faculty of the University of Birmingham in the UK, and in 2002, to celebrate his 50th birthday, his students selected a group of composers to compose one-minute pieces that used source material from Harrison's works. Wishart and Vaggione were among the selected composers and, coincidentally, they both chose material from Harrison's ...et ainsi de suite.... They later expanded their works into the compositions on this CD, which are presented along with Harrison's source composition. These are wonderful works and beautiful examples of the genre, composed by extraordinarily gifted composers. It's a whole world of sound and sound manipulation that we too rarely hear." (LABEL INFO)
in stock | US| 2004| m-/m-| ELECTRONIC MUSIC FOUNDATI | 14.63

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