Made exclusively from movies. Rudjak Manigz "SingKingHeart", Huk Don Phun "3 Kung Fu Pieces", Joseph Hyde "Manic", Andrew Q. Hayleck "Dr. Strangedub", Ed Chang "Cut!", Alien Heat "Illegal Space Kids", Kristine H. Burns "Somewhere...", Realistic "Information Retrieval", Pine Tree State Mind Control "Testosterone", Brain Science "Never Ever", Doug Michael "Before Sundown", Wet Gate "The Invocation of Heather Nitrate [live]", Wobbly "Only Musical", Alien Heat "Shootout at Best Western", Tim Koch "We Wait", Pechiney Par[k] Heavy Industries "No Phunk Last Night", Natasha Spencer "The House She Flew In On [excerpt]", Pedro Rebelo "...Just Cartoon Music", Spacklequeen "Grange Hall", Corporal Blossom "Plastic Job". Co-released with Seeland Records.
in stock | US| 1999| ILLEGAL ART | 9.90

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